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From a skin fade to a beard trim and everything in between, we believe the people of Hull deserve a premium barber service at a reasonable price.

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Standard Haircut | £12.00

Cut with scissors and a single-grade clipper (e.g. 2 back/sides). Finished and styled using a blow drier and high-end products.

Skin, Zero, 0.5 & 1 Fade | £13.00 - £16.00

Seamless transition of hair on sides and back from 1, 0.5, zero or skin to No2. 0.5: Open clipper without a guard. Zero: Closed clipper without a guard. Skin: Absolutely no evidence of hair.

Full Scissor Cut | £14.00

Cut using only scissors, producing a refined finish. Styled using hair drier and professional products. Note: Some modern styles may include clipper work, e.g. scissor cut with neck taper.

Buzz Cut | £9.00

Hair is cut to the same length all over using a single-grade clipper, e.g. No2. Neck is tapered and detailed around hairline for sharp clean finish.

Beard Trim | £9.00

Ranging from clipper grade all over to shaping long beards. Includes shape-up using detailers/foiler/razor.

Complete Beard Treatment | £18.00

A natural, organic and vegan-friendly conditioner is massaged into the beard prior to a number of hot towel applications to nourish, soften and revitalise your beard. Followed by beard shape/trim and line-up, and finished with beard oil or balm.

Head Shave | £12.00

Shaved using cut-throat razor or foiler.

Hot Towel Shave | £18.00

Two-pass shave using a cut-throat razor, hot towels, and pre-shaving and post-shave products.


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