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Why we started

Doing something different.

At Watson's Barber's we make every effort to deliver the haircut you want by providing a thorough consultation. Even if you don't have the foggiest idea we'll make suggestions based on your head shape, growth pattern, hair type and how it was cut previously etc. We care passionately about our craft and always put quality first, ensuring you're more than pleased with your look.

Our Staffers

Meet our barbers.

Steve Watson

After 32 years in the engineering industry, Steve followed his dream to train as a barber, graduating with an NVQ 3 in barbering at the London School of Barbering. Steve has a broad range of interests including history, philosophy, theology, reading, music, food, real coffee, Chinese tea, plonk of all types, cigars...

Laura Knight

Though living in London for 7 years, working front of house in high-end salons in Mayfair, Laura remains a true northern girl. After returning to Hull, Laura trained as a barber, advancing her skill set by following up with an NVQ 3 in barbering. As an avid Sky and Netflix fan, Laura can talk horror, true crime and nature as much as you like. Her love of animals spills over to owning a pug called Reginald (aka Reggi)
Music-wise, Laura has an eclectic taste including classical, emo, rockabilly, pop punk, jazz, blues.

Marcus Watson

Marcus completed his barbering apprenticeship with us, taking to the craft with natural talent and flair. Currently, Marcus is studying for his NVQ 3 in barbering and is due to graduate in the next few weeks. Marcus has a great passion for music and is a self-taught pianist, playing classical style pieces. He also plays drums and guitar and writes rap.
Outside of music, Marcus likes gym, boxing and playing football.

What we use

Better products, easier styles.

In keeping with our goal to provide the best service we can we stock and use some of the best products on the market. Our go to hair styling product is the Uppercut range because we believe they provide the best control and finish for the styles we cut. Uppercut has been our brand of choice since opening the business, so we have good experience to advise on choosing the best one for your hair type, style and finish. As authorised stockists, Uppercut products are available for purchase in our shop.

For the bearded man, we stock and use the lanolin based Fine Fettle products, which we believe to provide the best care for beard and skin, resulting in a healthy beard that looks, smells and feels the best it can be.

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September 14, 2020

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