A Big Thank You to all our Customers

By Steve Watson
December 24, 2020

2020 has been a tough year but the smallest gestures of kindness shine bright.

As I write this and reflect back, the dislocating experiences beginning March/April this year seem distant, but at the same time so recent. We’ve seen enormous change over the last 12 months due to the pandemic, and great change always serves as a black hole of time, greedily swallowing up the weeks and months. 

Notwithstanding the cheerless months of lockdowns, tier systems and a general disruption of normalcy, I want to draw attention to matters that have injected a regular syringeful of joy and hope into the bleakness.

I’ve expressed our gratitude (and by ‘our’ I mean Laura, Marcus and myself) to our customers previously, but such comments can never be exhausted. So to all those who have sat in our chair at any point during the existence of Watson’s Barber’s we return our thanks and gratitude. To those who have tipped us, left reviews, recommended us to others, brought us coffee, doughnuts, chocolates, bacon, ice cream, mint, truffle oil, cigars, beers, gin, rum, whisky, wine, glasses, Haribos, sausage rolls, biscuits, given us cards and demonstrated loyalty, we salute you.

So, many thanks to you all for your continued custom, encouragement and support this last year and those previous. We can only guess what 2021 will bring but we can be certain that darkness can be dispelled by the light of even the smallest gestures of kindness.

Steve, Laura and Marcus. 

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Steve Watson
Author and founder of Watson's barber's
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