COVID-19 News Update - 24 September 2020

By Steve Watson
October 11, 2020

Following Boris Johnson’s address in the House of Commons Tuesday 22 September, we think it’s necessary to draw attention to further measures and to review existing measures. Guidelines are now legally enforceable with fines and potential closure of business.

This is particularly important as we enter the season of colds and flu which will further compound the spread of COVID-19. Due to the “close contact” nature of our industry, government guidelines are updated frequently and we are subject to close scrutiny.

Please do take the time to read this post and contribute to helping us stay open.

COVID-19 Disclaimer Form

When making your appointment via the Booksy app please complete the COVID-19 disclaimer form. We appreciate that you may be booking your appointment days or weeks in advance and it is possible to contract the virus in the period leading up to your appointment, but this does encourage further awareness.

If you are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or are experiencing a common cold or flu, about which you are unsure, please reschedule your appointment for two weeks ahead.  In light of the high alert nature of the virus, we must avoid exhibiting any symptoms of the common cold, flu or COVID-19 whilst working in close proximity to our customers.

Face Masks

Prior to entering our barber’s, please wear your face mask and continue to wear your face mask whilst in the shop, unless exempt. For clients booked in for beard or shaving services, please wear your face mask until it is necessary for it to be removed.

Hand Sanitiser

On entering and leaving the premises, please sanitise your hands using the hand sanitiser provided. A bottle of hand sanitiser is available on the windowsill as you enter the shop and on the point of sale.

Hair Washing

Where possible, please arrive with clean hair, i.e. not greasy, no products etc. We want to avoid shampooing hair as much as possible because the face-down basins in our shop results in water on the face, advancing the risk of viral transmission. As a side note, your finished haircut sits and looks much better when clean. We realise that arriving with clean hair is not always possible, e.g. you’ve just left work etc. and we will make exceptions.

Arrival Time

Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. If we are ahead of schedule and can begin your appointment early we will send you a “Ready Now” message via the Booksy app.

Arrive Unaccompanied

Unless requiring the aid of a care worker, parent or similar, please arrive unaccompanied in an effort to reduce the number of people in the shop at any one time.

Front Facing Services

Occasionally, we need to stand in front of our customers during service. Please avoid conversation when we are working face to face.

Track and Trace

Track and trace is now mandatory. If you have made your appointment via the Booksy app no further action on your part is required. Personal details shared with us are entered into our salon appointment system only, which is fully GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) compliant.

If you are visiting us as a walk-in customer and do not wish to provide your name and contact number a scannable QR code is on display in the shop. Your information is kept on your device and not shared with us. Scanning the QR code requires the NHS COVID app, available at

Allowing customers entry refusing to provide contact details or scan the QR code is an offence on our part, leading to fines.

We understand that much confusion surrounds the government's latest rules, and trust that you will continue to provide your support during these difficult times.

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Steve Watson
Author and founder of Watson's barber's
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