Hairstyles That Suit Male Pattern Baldness

By Steve Watson
February 5, 2021

Before taking any action that may be costly, irreversible, has side effects or requires a lifetime of commitment, take a step back and consider a different hairstyle, helped by an effective styling product.

This series of posts explores the available options in responding to the onset of male pattern baldness. In the first of this series, we looked at what it is, why it’s called male pattern baldness, who it affects and what causes it. Read it here.

In this second post, I want to look at hairstyles and hair styling products that are well suited to tackling a receding hairline.

Caesar/French Crop

The Original Caesar Cut

A popular style we cut in our barber’s is the Caesar/French crop, or variations of it. I don't ever recall anyone actually requesting this cut by name but the end result carries all the hallmarks of a Caesar or French crop. The style gets its name from the way Julius Caesar wore his hair to hide his receding hairline. The Caesar cut is sometimes referred to as a French crop, differing only in that the top and fringe of the French crop is longer. These styles can be mixed up with sides cut shaggy, clippered, tapered or faded. The top can be pushed forward, swept to the side or fauxhawked...however you choose. Both styles work well in concealing a receding hairline, up to a point, before the efforts to hide what’s going on become glaringly obvious.

Often, men grow out their hair in the hope that longer hair means more coverage. This works to a degree but will eventually reach a length when it begins to lay flat and separate. I'll use the analogy of a newly grown wheat field, when each stem is able to stand up. At this stage, the field looks full and lush. As the wheat grows in height it begins to lean and collapse on itself creating pockets and sparse areas in the crop. There is no less wheat in the field but its overgrown stage makes it appear so.

The classic Caesar cut, worn here by Steve McQueen, is a timeless style which has been popular throughout the decades.
Cillian Murphy with more of a French Crop with longer top and fringe, and shaved sides.
Modern Caesar Cut with Skin Fade. The versatility of this cut allows for any combination of top and sides.

Buzz Cut

Assuming the point has been reached when no amount of wizardry and hair product brings forth effective results, the buzz cut is a smart and sharp looking option. With the sides and neck tapered in and precise detailing at the hairline, a well executed buzz cut looks great. Experiment with different grades to see which suits best. Don’t worry too much if you go too short, it only takes a week to grow out a grade.

Jason Statham is quite advanced in his hair loss, but buzzed to a No1 looks great.
Imperfect growth patterns adds to the interest. Tom Hardy looks like he's taken an axe to the head at some point.

Clean Shave

Taking the buzz cut to the next level and going for a clean shave might, to some, be a step too far. But when did you ever look at a man with a shaved head and not think there is something admirable about it. 

Beards make great a accompaniment to a shaved head. Often, the hormone responsible for balding is responsible for strong beard growth, which is perhaps why many men with bald heads rock great beards.

Hair Products

With the right hair product it’s easy to add volume and control to thinning hair. Choose carefully because some products will clump the hair together in strands and exacerbate the problem. We use Uppercut products in the barbershop because they give us the control we want for the range of styles we cut.

Here are 4 Uppercut products we regularly use to provide control and volume. For best results, apply products to clean hair. The volumising and texturising properties are best achieved when there is no barrier of oil/grease between the hair shaft and the product. 

The products recommended here can be purchased in our barbershop.

Uppercut Easy Hold 

This is a water based, matte product providing a light, natural hold and ideal for finer hair. Experiment by applying to damp or dry hair for different results. Being a premium product, you need only a pea-sized amount, so start with a small amount and add more if required. 

Uppercut Matte Pomade

Similar to the Easy Hold, i.e. water based, matte product, but providing a firmer, medium hold. Like the Easy Hold, use a small amount and experiment using it in damp or dry hair. More information here.

Uppercut Styling Powder

Looks like talcum powder and is simply sprinkled into clean dry hair and styled. Being a powder, this product adds as much volume and texture as you like. Unlike the other 3 mentioned here, the styling powder is not suitable for use in damp hair. The result is a natural, weightless, matte look.

Uppercut Sea Salt Spray

This is a very lightweight product designed to coat each hair strand with a fine layer of minerals. The coating allows the hairs to grab each other, invisibly creating volume and control. Again, experiment with applying to damp or dry hair, blow drying or natural drying. Finish is a natural look.

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Steve Watson
Author and founder of Watson's barber's
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