How Often Should You Get a Haircut?

By Steve Watson
October 18, 2020

We get asked this question quite often but much depends on the style you’ve gone for and how sharp you want your haircut to look between cuts.

Despite the claims made by some that their hair grows fast, in the vast majority of cases hair grows at about 1/2” (12-13mm) per month. Rarely do we have anyone come to our shop whose hair grows at a faster rate. It’s not uncommon for some men to sit in the chair and, with exasperated tone, tell me their hair is “really long” despite having a skin fade only 2 weeks ago. I understand the sentiment because a skin fade grows infinitely more times its length in any given time. Any length divided by zero returns infinity.

If a super short style is your thing and you want to keep it super short it’s worth noting the sides will be 6mm long (grade 2) in a fortnight. For most men opting for these styles of cut a return visit to the barber is often needed every 2 or 3 weeks.

As a rule of thumb, the shorter the hair the more often you’ll need a cut to keep on top of it.

Longer clipper cuts at grade 2 and above generally need some attention after a month or so, when the hair on the sides begins to creep over the ears. Once into the 6 to 8 week stage, the cut begins to lose its shape and any amount of blowdrying and products offer little help.

Once hair gets too long and the shape is grown out we have to recut the shape back in. This might sound glaringly obvious but barbers use their previous cut together with head shape and hair growth pattern as a guide to produce best results. Perhaps the hair on the crown or the round of the head suddenly sticks up if cut a fraction of an inch too short, or there’s a part of your hair that plays up after a couple of weeks. The unique characteristics of any haircut become more apparent when the shape exists and when we can see what’s going on.

It’s much easier to give a precise haircut when all peculiarities are taken into account. For best results, we'd recommend you have your haircut every 4 weeks or sooner depending on the style.

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