Lockdown No2

By Steve Watson
October 31, 2020

Well...I never thought we'd be doing this all over again, but here we are, facing more weeks of it. Anyway, personal opinions and feelings aside, here's what the new restrictions mean for us as a business and for you as a customer:

We CLOSE 18:00 Wednesday 04 November 2020.

We REOPEN 10:00 Wednesday 02 December 2020.

Taking Booksy offline last time resulted in a lot of hassle so it'll remain live and active throughout this next round of disruption. Please note, appointment reminders are automatically generated by Booksy, and receiving a reminder of your appointment is not an indication we are open.

We'll post updates through our website, Booksy and social media accounts as and when we find out more.

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But for now...

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Steve Watson
Author and founder of Watson's barber's
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