Mancave Shampoo & Shower Gel

By Steve Watson
September 20, 2020

Choosing a shampoo from the rows and columns on display at the supermarket is hassle. In this post, we help narrow down the options.


Choosing a shampoo from the rows and columns on display at the supermarket is hassle. There are the budget shampoos at the lower end of the market through to the exotic, all singing, all dancing brands at the higher end of the market. Then there are the combo hair and body products – shampoo, conditioner and shower gel all-in-one products.

Budget shampoos aren’t necessarily bad for your hair unless they’re packed with harsh detergents that would be more suited for use in the dish washer than the shower, and you have a sensitive scalp. They do the job – they clean the hair and scalp – but rarely contain quality ingredients such as essential oils, plant or fruit extracts, and botanicals. If your scalp can handle it, and you just want clean hair, and have no interest in adding anything to it then crack on with the budget products.

Combination Products

Forget the combo products. Complete waste of time. A gimmick. Shampoo and conditioner in-one is like washing your hands with soap whilst applying hand cream. Total nonsense.

High End Professional Range Products

Then there are the professional salon grade shampoos that’ll set you back no small amount. These products contain all sorts of magic that will indeed leave your hair feeling and looking remarkably better than Asda’s own brand. The question is, do you really need it? If your hair is no longer than a couple of inches long and the sides are clipped to a #2, or even to skin, then it’s probably a pointless pursuit.

Additionally, unlike the voluminous flowing locks strived for by many women, men’s cuts tend towards a very different end result. Shampoos rich in exotic ingredients etc. are unlikely to greatly embellish the ‘skin fade with textured top’ style. Most men’s styles are worn close to the scalp, directed forward in a crop of sorts, to the side, or swept back in some form of pompadour or quiff. If the shampoo softens the hair too much and reduces the friction of the hair then it’s not so easy to keep the desired style. This results in applying copious amounts of styling products, taking on the appearance of greasy greb, generally becoming so disenchanted with the whole sorry affair and asking us to cut it short next appointment.

Best Shampoo for Men

Because I sell ManCave products in my barbershop I’d be a poor businessman if I didn’t endorse ManCave shampoo. It may well be, and it may well not be the best. How do you even arrive at a metric for the best shampoo, anyway?

There are many similar products on the market tailored towards men’s hair, and ManCave is just one. I chose ManCave because I use it personally and like it. I like that it’s made in Britain, is ecologically friendly, vegan friendly, cruelty free, made using natural ingredients, is gentle on hair and scalp, smells good, cleans hair, helps styling and is affordable.

There is a reason why manufacturers tailor their products, or a range of their products, towards men. Many of these products are designed to give the hair a feel and appearance of ‘thickness’ and ‘grip’. One such method used to add grip is by omitting silicone or other friction-reducing additives from the shampoo. Caffeine is a common ingredient in men’s shampoo because of the stimulating effect is has in the scalp and hair follicles to encourage hair growth. See for more info on caffeine shampoos.

As a side note, silicone in shampoos is a hairdresser’s nightmare. Repeated use of shampoo containing silicone coats the hair and prevents expensive products, conditioners, treatments and dyes from being effective. It’ll also influence the effectiveness of hair products designed to add control or texture.

Shower Gel and Body Scrub

If you’re using ManCave shampoo then it makes sense to use ManCave shower gel too. There is some phenomena that occurs when using ManCave shower gel. I’ve yet to find any other shower gel that doesn’t slide off the hands or skin into the shower tray and disappear down the plug hole. Somehow, the laws of physics are overcome and this blazingly good product ‘sticks’. No more watching gel-like slugs wash away in an instant.

The body scrub contains charcoal powder and pumice granules to exfoliate the skin, adding a zing.

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Steve Watson
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