Uppercut Featherweight

By Steve Watson
May 21, 2021

Uppercut Featherweight is a tacky fibre paste which, after drying, remains flexible and suitable as a can-do-all hair product for the no nonsense man.


Uppercut Featherweight is a hair grooming product we use regularly at Watson’s Barber’s for many of the styles we cut and finish. It's also one of the most products purchased by those looking for more hold that can be reworked throughout the day. This product is marketed by Uppercut as a can-do-all fibre paste for the no nonsense man, suitable for a wide range of hair lengths and styles from short textured crops to classic side parts and pompadours. 

I use the Uppercut Featherweight for my own hair because it gives me the control and appearance I'm looking for. I apply a small amount to towel dried hair, working it throughout the hair, blow dry, then apply a a small amount after drying for maximum effect.

Hold: Firm.

Finish: Low shine.

Style guide: Perfect for adding volume and lift in all styles.

Hair type: Suitable for medium to strong hair. Less suitable for fine hair.

Texture: Tacky, soft wax.

Fragrance: Fresh lemon.

Base: Water based.


Start with a pea sized amount for the lighter, more natural look, using more for extra hold and control.

Apply to towel dried hair, dry hair or a combination of both for different results. Distribute well between the palms and fingers before applying to avoid overloading the hair. For best effect use in hair after shampooing.

Style your hair into shape with a brush or comb for a sharp, classic look or with your fingers for a more natural and textured finish.


£15.00 - Standard tin (100g)

£5.00 - Mini tin (18g)

Mini tins are a great way of trying out the product or to keep in your gym bag.

For more information visit the Uppercut website.

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Steve Watson
Author and founder of Watson's barber's
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